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Splice technology is not (yet) defined by standards! The quality specifications and test methods for splice connections are derived from the standards and applicable manufacturing standards for the open crimp sleeve and are supplemented by individual, company-specific manufacturing specifications. Depending on the application and field of use of the splice connection, quality requirements may change or suboptimal connections may be tolerated via special releases.

In this practice-oriented technical ebook, the basic requirements for splice connections have been described. Since there is no specific standardization, we have recorded the currently valid manufacturing standard in this publication in cooperation with cable assemblers and splice technology manufacturers. This also includes specifications from various factory standards and the results of practical tests and empirical findings. The technological background and the definition of crimp quality play an important role. In addition to the design of splice connections, the test procedures for ensuring crimp quality are also described.

This technical publication contains information from the relevant industry standards, as well as from various factory standards as well as the results of practical tests and empirical findings.

Note: This publication is an excerpt from the reference book “Principles of Crimping Technology - Compendium“.

Update: This reference book will be updated or extended as required in line with ongoing technical evolution. These updates are free of charge. With the website https://crimppedia.com we have created a constantly growing knowledge database. After a free registration we activate additional download areas for you, where you can access, in the context of your order, further documentation, information, picture and graphic material, templates, and much more.

Additionally included in download: Introduction to crimping technology
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Brief information:
General and basic information about the technical background and tasks in cable assembly and crimping technology.

All information in this documentation is either excerpts from designated standards or the result of practical tests and empirical values and does not claim to be complete. All information is without guarantee and does not relieve the user of his own responsibility and duty of care towards his applications! The illustrated machines and production equipment serve to better illustrate the individual topics and are not to be understood as a purchase recommendation! Any questions? Send us an e-mail!

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