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KnowHow about cable processing

Bundel - All training tools and the Reference book in one package

Important note: The training system includes several downloads (approx. 250 MB) and some online tools, which are available via our technical library

 Your scope of delivery:

  • Reference book: Principles of Crimping Technology - Compendium (SP-01-EN)
  • Schulungstools:

    This training module is useful for in-house training and further education of machine setters and production personnel. It can be used as a basis for training as well as a reference source.
    - Tool-01-EN-IN - Introduction to cable processing & crimping technology
    - Tool-02-EN-WI  - Cables & Wires
    - Tool-03-EN-OCB - Crimping - Open Barrel Crimp Connectors - Basics
    - Tool-04-EN-GCB - Closed Crimp Barrel Connectors - Basics (Ferrules, turned contacts, pre-insulated contacts)
    - Tool-05-EN-HCT - Hand tools in cable assembly
    - Tool-06-EN-QS - Crimp quality monitoring - methods & application
    - Tool-07-EN-VT - Industrial processing techniques in Crimping (Crimping machine, Stripper-crimper, Applicator)

  • Templates for work instructions, test instructions and calibration protocols
  • Images and graphics
    For creating your own templates and instructions
  • Posters and visual display boards
    - Interactive posters
    - Templates for printouts

Access to online tools:

  • Requirements and specifications for the wire stripping result
    Error descriptions, causes of errors and their effects
  • The open crimp barrel
    Requirements and specifications for the open crimp barrel. In relation to the equipment used: error descriptions, causes of errors and their effects
  • Tool technology
    Setting the quality specifications in crimping tools for the open crimp barrel
    - Endfeed crimping tool
    - Sidefeed crimping tool
    - Visual inspection of crimping tools & wear parts


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