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KnowHow about cable processing

ST - Crimp quality monitoring - methods & application


Training tool for in-house training and self-study

Fundamentals in the processing of closed crimp barrels (ferrules, turned contacts, pre-insulated contacts)


  • Basics, background, methods and application.
  • Quality standards & norms in crimping technology: DIN EN standardization, Factory standards, supplementary manufacturing specifications.
  • Checklists for quality control
  • Fault diagnosis - Troubleshooting - Error prevention
  • Rework and repairs
  • Visual inspection of crimp connections
  • Measuring crimp dimensions
  • Pull-out test: generating and evaluating pull-out values
  • Crimp force monitoring
  • Micrograph: Preparation and evaluation
  • Slow Motion Test - Background and basics
  • Informative Value of Test and Measurement Methods on Crimp Quality
  • Recurring tests in current production

This training module is useful for in-house training and further education of machine setters and production personnel. It can be used as a basis for training as well as a reference source.

What’s the difference to the PDF e-book then?

Due to the interactive structure of the training module, you can browse through the individual application files like in a book, but in the format of your computer screen. A table of contents makes it possible to select specific topics or to scroll back and forth within the topics. Animations show schematic diagrams of processes such as stripping wires, etc.

This documentation system is not a video, though. The system was created using Macromedia Flash and is provided as a interactive application.



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