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For the distribution of our English publications and training tools we are looking for competent partners in the field of wire processing and crimping technology. This page will give you a preview of some of our technical books and services.

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Specialist publication

 Principles of Crimping Technology – Compendium
SP-01-EN  Info | Table of contents | Preview (PDF) | Video

Principles of crimping technology - Individual topics
Note: This publication is an excerpt from the reference book “Principles of Crimping Technology - Compendium“.

  Title Art.No.   

Hand tools in cable processing SP-02-EN  Info | Table of contents | Preview (PDF)
The wire end ferrule PB-01-EN  Info | Table of contents/Preview (PDF)
Turned contacts: The four indent crimp  PB-02-EN  Info | Table of contents/Preview (PDF)
Pre-insulated crimp contacts  PB-03-EN  Info | Table of contents/Preview (PDF)
 Splice Technology  PB-04-EN   Info | Table of contents/Preview (PDF)
Crimp tool technology in cable processing - Industrial production of crimp connections with open crimp barrels  PB-05-EN  Info | Table of contents/Preview (PDF)
 The Open Crimp Barrel   PB-06-EN  Info | Table of contents/Preview (PDF)
 Cables & Wires - Handling - Cutting - Stripping  PB-08-EN  Info | Table of contents/Preview (PDF)


 Training tools

 Hand tools in cable assembly

 Tool-05-EN-HCT  Info | Video

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